Portable Demin Plant

Portable Demin Plant Portable Demin Plant Portable Demin Plant

Tech Specs

  • Each plant is a 2-train operation
  • Up to 20m3/hr per train (40m3/hr)
  • Conductivity <0.1 uS/cm
  • Reactive Silica <0.1 ppm
  • Hardness (Ca + Mg) <0.01 ppm
  • Rapid plant setup

Karina Water Portable Demin Plants are easily transportable, rapid setup, hi spec demineralisation plants, for industrial applications


Karina Water Portable Demin Plants are housed inside a standard 6 meter (20 ft ) transport container for easy and rapid setup. Our demin plants are easy to operate, and may be manual or automatic operation

The plants are self contained, with regen skid, chemical pumps, etc.

Process flow and conductivity on each train is continually logged by PC

Containerised Transport

Karina Water Demin Plants are transportable by truck, swinglift or crane. Transport weight approx 9.5 tonnes

Set up

Demin plants may be set up in a wide range of configurations. Single train for up to gross 40m3/hr flow.  Parallel plants for high flow rate.  Series plants for additionally high specification. Plants placed vertically for small footprint.  Regen skid located either side, or in the center. Water inlet, treated water, waste etc enter and exit any side and in the center.  Very versatile.

Plant setup is rapid and simple with snap-on fittings. The regen skid may serve up to 3 plants.


Plants may be operated by Karina Water on a 24/7 basis, or as required by the client.