Portable Water Treatment Plant

Portable Drinking Water Plant Portable Drinking Water Plant Portable Drinking Water Plant

Tech Specs

  • Nominal 10m3/hr,  or nominal 5m3/hr
  • Meet Drinking Water Standards DWSNZ, ADWG, etc
  • Turbidity    <0.1 NTU
  • E.Coli         <1 orgs/ml
  • Fully automated - PLC control
  • Dimensions - 6 meter x 2.5 meter
  • Transport weight 4.2 tonnes

Karina Water Portable Water Treatment Plants produce certified drinking water to remote or difficult areas, or provide a rapid setup drinking water plant for a range of applications.

Overview      PWTP.pdf

Karina Water Drinking Water Treatment Plants are built and commissioned entirely inside a workshop for a high quality product.  The plants are fully completed and tested, ready for site hookup.

Treatment plants are designed to meet recognised drinking Water Standards.  

Containerised Transport

Water treatment plants are built entirely inside 6 meter (20ft) transport containers. This enables easy transport by ship, truck, helicopter etc.

Plant transport weight is approx 4 tonnes.

Plants are rigid, and built to transport to remote areas and rough roads,  or for multiple movements.

Set up

The plants have external fittings for direct hookup for feedwater, treated water, backflush,  and power.  This ensures a very rapid setup time of a few hours between a plant arriving on site,  and production of certified drinking water


Karina Water Treatment Plants are fully automated and require minimal operator time.  Inbuilt alarms have an external plug to warn the operator of any malfunction.

Karina Water trains site operators to enable correct operation and specification water.

Technical help is available from Karina Water by phone or email as required.