Karina Water specialises in Portable, containerised, easily transportable, high quality, plants for treatment of water to meet high specs.

About us

Karina Water is based in Stratford, New Zealand, and is fully owned by Industrial Chemistry Services Ltd .

Karina Water specialises in Portable Water Treatment Plants for a range of applications.

Karina Water has plants operating in New Zealand, Australia, Samoa, New Caledonia, and Papua New Guinea.

Portable Mobile Containerised Rapid Setup

Karina Water Portable Water Treatment plants are built and completely housed inside standard transport containers. Inlets and outlets are standard bulkhead fittings. This ensures a rapid mobile containerised setup to any location by ship, truck, helicopter, forklift etc. Plants are sturdily built.  This makes Karina Water Portable Water Treatment plants ideal for remote locations, rough roading, and multiple movements.


Karina Water treatment plants are build inside our workshop, and undergo a vigorous quality control throughout the manufacture.  Plants are fully tested and commissioned prior to leaving our factory. This ensures that the client receives a plant which is 'ready to go' with very rapid time between plant arrival, and on-spec operation.

Industrial Chemistry Services is an ISO 17025 accredited company

Water Treatment Chemicals

As part of its parent company Industrial Chemistry Services Ltd,  Karina Water is able to offer water treatment chemicals complimentary to the water treatment plants.  These include a range of polymers,  flocculants, PAC, PACl, Poly DADMAC, chlorine products, and others

We are agents for Nalco and Chemfloc water treatment chemicals

Our laboratory is able to determine the best chemical treatment solution to suit the water to be tested, and for the final end use of the treated water

Analytical services

We have an IANZ accredited laboratory for analysis of water and wastewater.  Our laboratory is also accredited by NZ Ministry of Health for certification of public drinking water, and accredited by Biosecurity NZ for import and analysis of water and wastewater samples for overseas clients.

Technical Backup

Here at Karina Water we want our plants to operate smoothly, and reliably, and producing a good quality specification. For this to happen, we supply training to plant operators and supply a technical backup by phone or email for enquiries, continuous training etc.

Our New Zealand hire plants have a monthly service check and treated water analytical certification.  Purchased plants and Overseas plants may have a regular check, and analytical and log check as agreed with the client.

Lets raise our glasses to good water

"Good water, good life. 

Poor water, poor life.

No water, no life"

 (Sir Peter Blake)